Tips To Treat Cracks Feet

Tips To Treat Cracks Feet

Exposure of the feet to change the temperature for long periods working on the emergence of some nagging cracks that lose Beauty skin feet and smoothness, Wearing shoes for a long time causing fungi and bacteria that cause gathering of cracked feet.

In this article are some tips that will help preserve the beauty of your feet away from the cracks that lose Beauty skin of your feet..

Good cleaning

You should be doing to clean your feet well using skincare so that we can get rid of the fungi and bacteria that cause the appearance of cracks.


The skin of the feet   a major role in protecting them from drying out spam, which causes the appearance of roughness on the skin of the feet, so make sure to be evaluating using cosmetic products operate on moisturize the skin to protect it from drying out.


Make sure your feet are always on the peeling of dead skin cells and accumulated so as to cause those cells in skin roughness feet, natural   seek help in the implementation of this command to fast you notice your skin to become smoother response.

Baths feet

You have to take care to do bathrooms Foot Care so avoid anything cracked feet, he put the feet in a pot containing the warm oil, coconut water for anywhere between 20:30 minutes helps to avoid injury to the feet   taking care to dry your feet after the completion of this bath and fat skin of the feet To moisturize the feet and softening.

Cotton socks

Do not neglect right in the health of your feet and wear cotton socks are the best in maintaining the health of the feet of their ability to absorb sweat secreted by the skin of the feet while wearing shoes.

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