Natural Remedies for Sleep

Natural Remedies for Sleep

Sleeping is a significant part of a person’s life. No one feels better and energized until he/she gets enough sleep. Though people want to sleep well, yet they cannot do so due to some health obstructions. Insomnia is a specific condition that most of the people suffer from. Lack of sleep may leave you feeling tired, anxious, forgetful, irritable and with a feeling of haziness. People suffering from Insomnia try to use different sorts of over-the-counter and prescription sleep medications. Despite taking numerous medicines, they do not get success in sleeping well. If you are tired of taking excessive medications, then you must try some natural remedial ways. The following oils and herbs are common but effective remedies to deal with Insomnia.

Lavender for insomnia

Lavender has been used to resolve various health issues for many years. It has a vital importance in the field of herbal science. Lavender can be utilized in a couple of useful ways as a sleeping aid. You can easily use dry lavender buds in pillows or sachets. Lavender filled sachets and pillows are perfect to help children and babies in sleeping. In the past, fragrant filled cushions of lavender were used for having a better sleep. Nowadays, you can make use of lavender filled pillows in the same way.

You just need to slip the sachet below a child’s pillow. Adults should heat up the lavender filled pillow and, then place it over their eyes to calm down before going to bed. You can also leave a sachet on the nightstand. Making water based spritzer with the lavender oil and chamomile is also very helpful in sleeping. You can spritz this liquid slightly on the pillow.

Chamomile as a sleeping aid

Chamomile does not need any introduction as it is one of the most famous herbs known at present. This specific herb is mostly used as a sleeping aid. You can use it in many ways as per your recommendations. Chamomile can be obtained from the nearest health-food store, and you can use it in oil format or take it simply as a tea. It is very important to use this useful herb in a proper way. Overuse may lead to some unwanted conditions. People, who are not familiar with Chamomile, should know that it has the scent like an apple. If apple is one of your most favorite fruits, then you will surely like to use it as a sleeping remedy.

Valerian to help you sleep

Valerian is natural basil, which is mostly referred to as “natural alternative” to a prescription drug valium. Let me tell you that there is no relation among these two commodities. It is supposed that they both have same effects. So, they are mostly used for almost similar situations.

Valerian is often used to treat stress, insomnia and anxiety. All these issues are very dangerous for human health. If you want to sleep all the night long without any disturbance, then valerian is the right herb aid for you. It has very strong taste, and you can take it as herbal supplement in the capsule form. Valerian can also be used as tea to get better taste.

Melatonin for sleeping setback

Melatonin is naturally created by your body and helps out to control your body clock. Nevertheless, a melatonin supplement is sometime required to re-adjust your body to its natural rhythms. This will surely help you to get a good night’s sleep. Melatonin created by body decreases with age. Keep in mind that melatonin production is also affected by brightness and needs darkness to create more effectively. Melatonin is normally taken in tablet or capsule form to help with insomnia.

It is necessary to consult your health practitioner before taking any of the above mentioned herbs as a natural sleep remedy. In this way, you will not have to come across any unfavorable circumstances.

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