6 Tricks To Get Tight Body Without Sport And Diet

Get Tight Body

Do you hate exercise assumes types harsh diet, and at the same time want to get the strength tight without lifts ? Some simple tips to help you achieve this dream by working to stimulate blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

Body is lean and tight without stressful exercises and diet .. It is the dream of many women, and that it is possible to achieve work to stimulate the body’s blood pumping through several factors, including:

1. Tea:

Many people may not believe that a cup of tea in the morning helps in pulling the body and protection of contouring. But of course this is not what happens with all types of tea, but with certain types derived from herbs, including some yerba mate Lawson Assad and lemongrass, and are known to stimulate metabolism in the body.

2. “combing” the body:


Helps continued use brush made of natural materials and pass on the body to stimulate the blood circulation in the tissue, it also removes dead skin cells. Experts advised to start moving the brush on the feet in the direction of the heart and then climb up gradually with not forgetting arms.

3. movement between the cold and hot bath:


Many people probably do not bear the cold water bath in winter, but it is extremely useful in pulling the blood vessels, especially if it were to move directly to a hot bath which restores the extension of those vessels. This process contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, and have many benefits in getting rid of cellulite spam for most women.

4. Yoga:


Do not cause stress, damage self-only, but it helps to increase the storage of fat in the body and it sometimes leads to unhealthy nutrition, and here Experts exercises simple yoga is recommended is to take a comfortable situation with a focus on the organization of the self, to begin feeling of inner calm, which reduces the chances of collected fat that leads to sagging.

Body massage with oil in the opposite direction of the gravity of the things that help in pulling the body.

6. Ice and cinnamon:

Ice and cinnamon

For the appearance of the skin tight quickly, can put ice cubes and with a little cinnamon and wrapped a handkerchief and put it on areas where women want to tighten. But keep in mind that this method is used only as a temporary solution, and can not be relied upon to get the tight skin permanently.

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