6 Foods Help Reduce High Blood Pressure


When blood pressure rises be a major factor in human injury heart attack and stroke, which promise more cause of death for people around the world for this must be on each and every one of us to keep his blood pressure rate.

There are several methods that can be performed human follow them to maintain the blood pressure, including rate control of body weight and stay away from smoking as it should be selected food and foods that are covered because they are a key factor in the effect on blood pressure and foods which will be mentioned here is advised by placing them in the diet It will maintain body weight and maintaining normal blood pressure rate and the health of the body in whole will be better.

Top foods that help lower blood pressure


Featuring a high proportion of potassium material that effectively works to prevent high blood which may cause human heart disease as the pressure to drink carrot juice makes the blood pressure in the normal average for organizing heartbeat and maintain kidney function.


It promotes the body’s energy as it contributes to the prevention of heart disease and certain medical research has reported that eating a banana and one day contribute to prevent blood pressure from rising.


Was used frequently by doctors from the East to reduce blood pressure as it is based on many of the empirical research has shown that strongly contribute to lower blood pressure rises above normal if modified and some other research has said that eating four stalks of celery per day may It reduces high blood pressure and it also contains sodium compounds that have a positive impact on the general human health if eaten too much.

Dark chocolate

Some research has shown that taken in small amounts helps to lower blood pressure and maintain human health holistically because they contain a substance flavanols and care must be taken to choose dark chocolate containing up to sixty or seventy percent of cocoa because some types of chocolate may cause many damage on the body.

Garlic and cloves

Significantly useful in helping the body in control of high blood pressure and medical research has shown that eating clove of garlic cloves and grain for twelve weeks on a daily basis contribute to lower blood pressure as it contributes to lower cholesterol.


It is a natural source of fiber and potassium and some studies have shown that potassium helps lower blood pressure but, unfortunately, potatoes are served in the form of unhealthy lose benefits such as fried or submit to body segments.

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