6 foods Containing A lot of Salt Must Be Wary Of Eating

foods Containing A lot of Salt

If human salt intake in an exaggerated manner may lead to injury of many chronic diseases, including high blood pressure and cholesterol, so you should be wary when you eat foods that contain a high percentage of sodium.

American Heart Association has included a list of more harmful foods that contain salt and must be approached with caution and minimize them as much as possible and we will post them these foods you are as follows:

Baked roasted

Contain large amounts of calories and carbohydrates also contain a proportion of salt, if it is clear taste which by piece per baked contain up to 230 mg of sodium and is equivalent to fifteen percent of the degree to which man must get it per day.

Cold meat for sale

Examples include steaks which is a means of feeding harmful to health One pack of chicken meat turkey contains up to 1,050 mg of sodium and so much of it is used for keeping food from being damaged.


It contains a large amount of fat and calories and cholesterol and salt per pizza contains up to 760 mg of salt.


Not healthy enough as many people think because the way has lagged outfitted with varying levels of salt, some might think that the best healthy way is by Xie skinless But even this method it is a high proportion of sodium there.


The average amount of salt in one dish of soup up to 940 mg, and although it is a healthy food, especially for children, but it should not be a lot of eating.


Containing ready-made meals such as tuna and burgers and grilled cheese with a large proportion of salt sandwich components that the tomato and mustard sauce and different kinds of sauces contain high levels of salt, the ratio is in one sandwich slice up to 1,500 mg of sodium.

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