10 Tips For Greasy Hair care In Home Easily

10 Tips For Greasy Hair In Home Easly

Hair Care occupies many of the girls and women, especially if the hair greasy, if you own a greasy poetry has cared anything be difficult, but there are some things you can do to solve the problems of Greasy Hair or even reduced.

1. Wash your hair frequently, but not every day

May cause frequent hair washing in the loss of natural oils that help in its growth, so it is not recommended experts to wash hair frequently only you can wash it from twice to three times a week.

Get a special shampoo Greasy Hair and does not cause him damage, and the best hair shampoos fatty is a shampoo that Wash excess fat from the hair and natural oils for hair, you may need to experience some types of shampoo and consult some specialists to get the right shampoo type.

Use antiseptic shampoo once a month, this dedicated shampoo to remove harmful fats from the hair, if you have to wash your hair daily chose a natural shampoo does not cause removal of natural fat so as not to affect the hair growth.

2. Be careful in the use of oils

Avoid using oil on the roots of the hair roots of the natural oils that feed, you have to maintain the use of oils in only the lower part of your hair.

Some people use inappropriate type of hair moisturizers, and is used only once a week, or used irregularly.

If you can tangle your hair a little humidifier put oil on your hand and massaged by the hair away from the roots, this will help to lift the hair entanglement easily and without damage.

If your hair is very oily, you may need no oil but you can use hair oil on the parties until the parties are not affected by drought.

3. Selection of hair care products

Do not use chemicals on your hair a lot, and stay away from substances that give weight to your hair gels such as materials with density they damage your hair a lot.

Be careful when you use materials that give your hair extra spangle These materials may harm the greasy hair and you can drop leaflet accompanying the cosmetic brands for you to choose the right.

When the suspect damage some products, you have left immediately.

4. Do not combing your hair too much

combing your hair, this stimulates increased secretion of the sebaceous glands that much in the case of Greasy Hair.

5. Avoid touching your hair as much as possible

You have to avoid touching your hair a lot, especially in the preparation of fatty foods, or if your hands by makeup, and you must use to comb your hair and complexity of wiring Do not use your fingers.

6. Rinse your hair with warm and then cold water to add to him the hair with water

Hot water will be saved from your scalp oils, and will make your hair combing difficult but cold water will make the scalp compensate fat bestow Shines crisis on the hair.

You can add a little vinegar in the rinse water is beneficial for the hair greasy hair well and will go as soon as the smell of vinegar dry hair.

7. Cut hair regularly

Cut Hair parties to help your hair to become thicker and more forces, and protect it from a lot of damage.

If you did not bother to cut hair parties regularly, you’ll get the parties   your hair a lot.

8. find a quick solution when you want to go out and your hair looks too greasy

You can put a little child powder or dry shampoo to your hair seems less greasy, but you should not too much because it would be seen by people.

9. use dry from the front

Mostly be greasy skin and the hair greasy, you have to use a blow dry near your forehead to make sure they did not absorb oils.

If you do not want to use blow dry or hair dryer on your face, you can adjacent to the forehead hair cut and which has come down on your face even this region dry well.

10. ripple hair

Ripple hair or wrinkle natural hair helps non-fat appearance on the hair quickly hair from the scalp hair helps reduce fat.

Tips For Oily Hair Care

Do not wash your hair too much, this does not mean you can not shower, but you can connect your hair if you want to shower.

Use the comb flexible better than the brush.

If it was necessary that the uniqueness of your hair daily be sure to use protective substances from the heat.

Keep healthy eating.

The use of children powder quick solution to Greasy Hair.

When you want to cut your hair you have to go to a specialist so as not to hurt your hair or cut it unequally.

If your hair is dry of its ends only in oily roots and you have to use the Zeta suitable for parties.

Keep your hair at night so as not to non-greasy and dirty pillow fat.


Use a shampoo with a high acid causes an increase hair fat and causes the crust.

Individual hair without the use of protective heat may infect your hair badly damaged.

Do not use a shampoo that increases the smoothness of hair, it may hurt your hair and increases .

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