10 Foods Help in Treat Stomach Acidity

10 Foods Help in  Treat Stomach Acidity

Acidity of the stomach of the most important symptoms that correspond to many of the girls and women, and although it does not lead to serious diseases, but that the high stomach acids that help digest food into the esophagus annoy the person and cause him some pain.

Top 10 foods to help in the treatment of Acidity of the stomach effectively


Are advised to eat oatmeal that make human feel satiety with not causing flashbacks also describes many experts eating oatmeal with raisins because oats can absorb acidity found in raisins easily.


When handled it helps moderate acidity in the treatment and has been used over time as an anti-inflammatory and as a therapist to the problems that hinder the digestive system and are advised to use the green fresh ginger in food preparation skin or cut into cubes or slices or add it to the juice.

Aloe Vera

Can address many of the diseases that affect the body and acidity of them that infect the stomach and can be used fresh or even in liquid whole chips handled a quarter cup of aloe vera twice daily in the morning and evening eliminates the trouble of esophageal reflux treatment.

Green salad

It is one of the best cuisine that deal with GERD but you should not add specific types of vegetables such as tomatoes, the onions and cheese, mayonnaise and all add-ons that contain fat.


It is one of the important food at ease because the acidity pH 5.6 it is very benefit to the owners of acid reflux but should not be used for those who do not earn interest from it because some studies have shown that 10 percent of cases of esophageal reflux may have deteriorated because of eating bananas.


It is very useful to the owners of the bounce of the esophagus because the acidity in which the degree of 6.1, known as pH, but can lead with some cases to the same result caused by the banana has a ratio of 1 deteriorated to 2 percent of the cases because of him and the watermelon and cantaloupe contribute as well as in the treatment of gastric acidity.


Is one of the best cuisine contribute to the treatment of acidity The degree of acidity of 6.9 as it improves the functions of the stomach so Vtkotaia inner white part of the fennel and add it to the salad gives it high interest rates.

Chicken and Turkey

It is of little fat one of the main treatments for esophageal reflux and better dealt with boiled or grilled or baked chicken with fried and avoid careful to remove its skin because it contains a high proportion of fat.


Contribute to the treatment of acidity and therefore must be entered in a person’s diet and preferably dealt with grilled or baked or steamed and avoid fried addressed.

Green vegetables

Address in acidity that infect the stomach such as broccoli, broccoli, asparagus, green peas and beans treatment.

Leafy vegetables

Contribute to solving the problem of acidity and especially celery and parsley As free of calories they include a high proportion of water also contributes to a feeling of fullness in the celery for a long time and parsley is used in the treatment of food digestion problems.

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